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D’Banj & DB Records “D Kings Men” Album Full Tracklisting

D’Banj & DB Records “D Kings Men” Album Full Tracklisting


As we reported last week, D’banj has announced he will be releasing his first major Post-Mo’Hits work – his label DB Records‘ compilation album ‘D’Kings Men‘ on March 30, 2013
He has upped the anticipation level by releasing the official tracklist for the album which also features label mates KaySwitch and J.Sol.
D’banj has however left some appearances undisclosed to tease his fans. We can tell you that the 17 track album will also feature label boss Kanye West.
‘Several months of serious and inspiring hard work has paid off… This 17-track album comes fully loaded‘, D’banj says.
Check out the tracklist below…

1.Ibadi E (Let It Bounce) D’Banj ft (TBD)

2.Why You Love Me Like That D’Banj

3.Who Dat Kayswitch

4.Give MeD’Banj

5.Scape Goat (the fix)D’Banj ft (TBD)

6.For Example Kayswitch

7.Trance D’Banj

8.Ololufemi J.Sol

9.Money On My Mind Kayswitch a J.Sol

10.Top Of The World D’Banj & J.Sol

11.So FlyJ.Sol

12.Lugga (Bad Nigga)D’Banj ft. (TBD)

13.Skit (overshadow)

14.Don’t Tell Me Nonsense D’Banj

15.Nous les meilleurs (We The Best)D’Banj ft. (TBD)

16.Don’t Wait Kayswitch & J.Sol

17.Willingly D’Banj ft. (TBD)
Bonus Tracks

1.Oyato D’Banj

2.Cash Flow D’Banj

3.Bachelor D’Banj

4.Sista Caro

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