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Boko-Haram: Ijora Landlords To Evict Northerners


Many landlords in Ijora, Lagos may have decided to evict tenants of Northern extraction, following Thursday’s arrest of a Chadian and four other suspected terrorists in a raid by over 100 soldiers and secret service agents in the community.

During the raid on 24, Aromire Street in the densely populated community, the soldiers and secret service agents reportedly found an improvised explosive device, AK47 rifles, cartridges and daggers.

It was learnt that two persons were arrested at 24, Aromire Street and three others at a location in an adjacent street.

This created panic in the community, with many of the residents saying there might still be more suspects living among them.

During a visit to the area on Friday, Saturday PUNCH did not notice any security presence on Aromire Street, where the raid was conducted or surrounding streets.

Ijora noticeably has a high population of Nigeriens, Chadians and Northerners.

A landlord, Alhaji Ibrahim AbdulKareem, told our correspondent that one of his tenants, a Northerner, had been living in his house for two years.

“He has never caused trouble for me but how can I be sure he does not have a link with these people? I’m not sure I will let him finish the nine months he has left. My life and that of my family members are important to me,” he said.

Another landlord, Alhaji Bashiru Igbalaye, said, “No, no, nobody is going to hide a bomb in my house. I’m not even sure whether the one is my house is from Niger or Katsina. But he has to leave by the end of this month.

“We are all afraid right now. We have been living with two of the suspects probably for many years. Who knows how many are still here?”


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