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Tontoh Dike, Ken Erics, Edochie stars, The Illiterate

Tontoh Dike, Ken Erics, Edochie stars, The Illiterate


Many have come to conclusion that after Nollywood actress, Tontoh Dike ventured into the music industry that it would be the end of her reign as a screen goddess, alternatively, her current flick, The Illiterate where she starred with Ken Erics and Yul Edochie has put an end to such believe.


This movie which has made its position as the Nollywood home video of the rave was shot in Enugu, while produced and directed by Sylvester Madu. Not only did the stars invest their long acquired experiences, but it took them so much challenge into interpreting the characters that made the movie a stellar one.

For one of the major casts, Ken Erics, he sees the movie as one that will go a long way into being in the minds of viewers, especially their fans who upon critics would stand by them for the quality time and efforts they invested in the movie.

In his words: “What make a movie are good story line, character interpretation and quality production. If I must tell you, The Illiterate possesses all these in it. I could remember that I was sick while at the location of this movie, still on that I saw what is required on everybody, then I gave my best”.

Interestingly, the Nollywood dude confirmed Tontoh Dikeh as his most preferred artistes to work with, following her role which he said endeared him to do more, “she is one actress every actor would want to act with. She gave up everything to make sure we get the real character we played. Even when I was sick, she did everything to make sure I recovered. In fact, she really challenged me, and also complemented my effort,” he said.

Meanwhile, the actress turned musician has been on the state of controversy following her new released two singles, “Hi and Its Ova.” For those who don’t know, Tonto is making effort to shoot the musical video of her two songs and she is not discouraged by those who have scorned her.

Speaking, the screen diva responded to critics on her new choice of career by saying, “when my song came out, they blamed me for singing without listening, and then they listened and then blamed the producer. But give them time they will blame themselves for ever criticizing the cute songs. Both songs were the most popular songs by an actor/actress. They also have the records of being the most downloaded songs released by any music artist in West Africa (My guess is right,’’ Tontoh charged.

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