Home News SAD!! Majek Fashek Now Having Mental Problem.

SAD!! Majek Fashek Now Having Mental Problem.


According to people close to him, Majek Fashek disappeared from his Gowon Estate home in December 2012 without telling anyone where he was going to, then reappeared sometime last week, looking haggard, weak and unaware of his surroundings; worse than he’s been in recent times. The Reggae icon, who said he takes cocaine whenever he can afford it, is currently hospitalized as friends say his mental health has deteriorated drastically since his return.

He has become a shadow of his old self, breaking bottles and behaving very abnormal. In fact, he has not been himself since he returned to the country. Right now, Majek Fashek is hospitalized. We are trying to stabilize his condition.” Haija Oluremi Dangaji, CEO of his management company, A-Plus Entertainment, said

Majek Fashek’s new album was meant to drop this week, but it has been postponed till he gets better.

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