Home Jokes Comedy Videos Download Interivew: “I’m not a runs girl, but I don’t judge anybody who is”- Lolita (Naija runs girl)
Interivew: “I’m not a runs girl, but I don’t judge anybody who is”- Lolita (Naija runs girl)

Interivew: “I’m not a runs girl, but I don’t judge anybody who is”- Lolita (Naija runs girl)


This week on Ngtrends Weeken Xclusive, i present to you popular video blogger, Lolita.  I call her Naija Runs Girl after dropping the  Naija Runs Girl video that went viral online.  Meet Lolita after the jump>>>

lolita ngtrendsAyex Money: Nice having you on Ngtrends’ weekend interview (Xclusive), please can you tell us your real name ?

Lolita: It’s my pleasure, thank you for having me. My name is Mollie Balogun

Ayex Money: I Watched your videos Naija Runs Girl and Faker vs Maker really creative concept and delightful videos i must say. Since when have you been “Video blogging”??

Lolita: I really started video blogging properly at the end of December 2012, just days before I posted Naija Runs Girl.

Ayex Money: What really inspires you in coming up with videos like these??

Lolita: I’m inspired by the situations I observe. Right now there seems to be an epidemic of young ladies in Nigeria getting involved in runs for one reason or another. I believe many of these women are doing so as a result of the society they live in. A society where we are taught that a man shows his love for you by how much he can provide financially. A society rife with corruption at the highest levels, where young women sometimes have to compromise their morals in order to get ahead in life. A society that teaches young women that their beauty is their only viable asset. Yet, our society is also quick to judge and condemn the women who are victims of that very society. My aim is to break down the taboo with comedy, so that we can then start tackling the real problem.

Ayex Money: A lady with such beauty and attractiveness, Why did you decide to go “razz” on your phonetic instead coming up with a “tush” one like most lady would. Is there something to this?

Lolita: Well I grew up with a Yoruba accent and lost it when I moved to England. However, I find that when I’m talking with my family or fellow Nigerians my Yoruba accent starts to come back. I don’t see why beauty and attractiveness should be synonymous with a British accent- in Nigeria! We are Nigerian and should be proud of our accents. I personally find Nigerian accents sexy!

Ayex Money: Where are you currently based and tell us a little about your background
Lolita: I’m based in London. I’m a makeup artist, hair stylist and designer. I’m also an illustrator and artist.

Ayex Money: In the video Naija Runs Girl and Faker vs Maker most of the things you said in the videos were actually true and accurate and still are, how did you get those info?
Lolita: How else? By observing the world around me. I’m also a big Nollywood fan.

Ayex Money: Are you actually a runz girl?
Lolita: No, I’m not! Lol. But I don’t judge anybody who is, just be smart and be safe.

Ayex Money: What’s your relationship status; Married, Single, Divorced, Searching,

Lolita: I’m in a relationship

Ayex Money:  What and when should we be expecting the next video from Lolita?

Lolita: Lolita has opinions, plenty of style and loves to have fun and give advice- so she definitely has plenty more to come. Check out the YouTube channel Naijarish baby for weekly videos on everything from beauty, fashion to Lolita’s comedic advice on how to be a runs girl- Naija style!

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