Home Slider You Are Kidding If You Think Man City Won’t Dominate Europe – Kompany

You Are Kidding If You Think Man City Won’t Dominate Europe – Kompany


I like to respect people’s opinions and views but sometimes, you can’t but laugh at some because they are nothing but funny and ridiculous. Such is the statement made by Manchester city skipper, Vincent Kompany in a recent interview with Machester city’s website.

In the interview, Kompany said and I quote – “I think everyone in the football world knows City are destined for greatness in the Champions League and if they don’t, they would be ignoring the truth.

“We’ve proved as much in the Premier League and the fans have no reason to doubt that because it will come.

“There will be a City team that will go far in the Champions League, but you can’t jump into the most difficult competition in the world and win it. It takes time and it’s good it’s been so difficult for us because we are learning quickly that you have to be ready for it and hit the ground running.”

My own opinion is, city has one of the best squads with a set of some of the best strikers in the world at the moment and they continue to struggle in the Champions league. They might end up bottom of their group this season which means they will fall into another tough group next season and continue their horrible form in Europe.



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