Home Events Photos: Akon did the unthinkable in Calabar, don’t try this at home
Photos: Akon did the unthinkable in Calabar, don’t try this at home

Photos: Akon did the unthinkable in Calabar, don’t try this at home

It all started like a big joke and Miss Petite was right there to bring you all the juicy details. Akon was in Calabar to perform at the Calabar festival along side Psquare, MayD, Jmartins. His performance was dope until a group of lawless boys started fighting somewhere in the middle of the UJ Esuene stadium.
Akon noticed it and asked that they stop the fight or he would go through the crowd to where the fight was taking place. The boys were obviously engulfed in their thirst to shed blood that they didn’t even listen.
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  So, before you say jack Robinson, Akon just jumps in the mammoth crowd.His body guards were shocked and tried to jump in after him but they couldn’t. Akon kept screaming”Lift me up..ama go out there,take me there”(na boat hin dey?)..Anyway, the crowd was too busy trying to rip off his belt..hehehe..and the left leg of his shoe ….by the time his bodyguards got to him and brought him back on stage, his belt buckle was gone too.
 Akon didn’t give up o. He kept insisting that they let him go over there and so, he went back stage and unknown to us, he had a balloon(abeg i dont know what they call it)..
He first stood on stage and before you know it, Akon jumped in the crowd, shielded by that balloon. It was the most amazing sight I’ve ever seen as the crowd kept throwing him around the stadium like a volleyball.
His body guards were running helter-skelter, trying to get into the crowd to steer him safely back on stage,but he kept going further to the excitement and shock of spectators. Calabar crowd rocks as they steered him safely back towards the stage and when he got back on stage and came out of the balloon. The crowd erupted in cheers.
 Now, that’s some gangsta move…did i forget to mention, Psquare was peeping from behind the stage, with their mouths hanging open.(They no fit try am)lol

(Via: Miss Petit)

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