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More Controversies Hit Bisi Ibidapo Obe’s Child Birth

More Controversies Hit Bisi Ibidapo Obe’s Child Birth


For a long time, controversial light-skinned Yoruba actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe better known as Bisi Omo Logba logba, had reportedly longed for the day she would be called a mother. Her joy finally came when she got pregnant but that was not without a heated controversy surrounding the paternity of the then unborn child.

Few days ago, Bisi was delivered of a baby girl, which was welcomed with cheers by many. Then, the race for determining the true father of the new child became what was on the lips of Nigerians and others who have been following the story.

Now that the child is born, the controversies raised when Bisi was pregnant seem not to go away as there are already calls for a DNA to be carried out to determine the father of the baby girl.

Another issue being raised is that if Bisi, as she claimed in one of her interviews when the heat was at its peak, met Dino Melaye, who she claimed impregnated her, in April, how come she gave birth in November, which is like seven months after they reportedly met each other and possibly ate the ‘apple’?

This argument is based on the fact that it takes nine months to carry a pregnancy which sometimes is eight months except in some minor cases where a premature birth is experienced.

To some who have seen the child, and from the picture of the baby being circulated on the internet, they claimed that the child does not look like a premature.

Those who argue in favour of Bisi claim that there is no way Bisi will not know who impregnated her as she is not a baby but an adult.

For now, Bisi and Dino have not been contacted on the recent development. The child, as we reliably gathered, weighed about 3.5kg at birth. Bisi gave birth in Lagos last week at Reddington hospital, Ikeja.

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