Home Jokes LWKMD: General Superstitious Beliefs When Growing Up- Part 3

LWKMD: General Superstitious Beliefs When Growing Up- Part 3


21) if ur teeth fall off, throw it on top of d zinc, d lizard will take it nd gv u another one

22) Don’t stand in front of a mirror at night else you will see evil spirits (demons)

23) If u take goat milk u wont fear anything
24) kill lizard cut off the head any chick that having been toasting and she kip doing yanga 4 place the lizard head exactly on the point she just finished urinating and that girl will nw love like mad. Fake belief i try am like die e no gree work

25) Kill a lizard, cut off its head and bury it with 1 or 2 coins after 3days go dig it you willsee plenty money (coins)

26) If u kill ekpupuyeke (DUCK) burry d head and 7 days later it will change to SNAKE

27) Don’t write on d ground at 9te with your finger else ghost will give u a score.

28) if u use water wash dog face ko use d same water wash ur face u go dy c spirits

29) As a kid,weneva u write on d ground[sand] nd an ant climbs it,u wil automatically bcom nd olodo or your mum dies

30) If u put bar beach water and another water 4 glass cup or anything, them go dey fight until dat tin break dm go ko separate.

31) Whenever ur team wants 2 play a match..bury lizard egg at ur goal post..ur opponent no go fit score una 2ru out dat match.

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