Home Jokes LWKMD: General Superstitious Beliefs When Growing Up- Part 2

LWKMD: General Superstitious Beliefs When Growing Up- Part 2


If you missed the 1st part, Click Here.. This is Part 2

11) If ur teacher flogs u, rub d spot wit fowl Shit,his/her will swell d next day .

12) if u spit on the floor and someone stepped on it you’ll have sore throat

13) Never cross a Pregnant Woman else the Child is gonna Resemble you…. Gone r dos days.

14) After six o’clock, dnt pound any tin, else d chicks of d hen will die off.

15) Don’t Flog Boys with Broom, else their Kokoro (D!ck) will start getting Small..

16) A pregnant woman must not walk in the sun around 1-3, else the child will be an imbecile

17) Dunnot eat on the road else you won’t get satisfied with the food.what if i buy 20 raps of fufu

18) do not sweep the top of the table with a broom else u become hungry always/glutton.

19) If u urinate on a particular place everyday it wil form a snail

20) Don’t play wif lizard cus if u do and d lizard shud make noise u wud go deaf…

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