Home Jokes LWKMD: General Superstitious Beliefs When Growing Up- Part 1

LWKMD: General Superstitious Beliefs When Growing Up- Part 1


I believe everyone of us grew up with one or more of this belief.. After reading mine, add yours and also share with friends.
1) “Don’t whistle in the sun, if u do snake will come out from their hiding.
2) The more the people that eye a cherry (agbalumo), The sweeter it becomes!
3) Don’t Drink The Water froм A Coconut Else yσυ Automatically Become An Olodo
4) Dont brush ur teeth at noon ur mom gonna die
5) If sun is shining and rain is falling at the same time, that means a lion is giving birth.
6) Dnt let ppl jump over u, lest u bekum short.
7) If you put your eye lashes in ur parents shoe, it wil make dem foget d offence u commited.
8) Don’t allow pple to passover ur hand or leg,else u will born a child with one hand or leg.
9) Don’t eat any food dat falls on d floor,satan has eating it.
10) Don’t eat a Fowl Anus else you will start Gossiping about the Community.

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