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Joke: Letter To My Dearest Nollywood!

Joke: Letter To My Dearest Nollywood!


My Dearest NOLLYWOOD:>

1.How can a ghost look left n right before crossing the road? ‘Dem dey fear accident?’=))
2.Why does the TV go off by itself after the ‘breaking news’?=))

3.Why do all native doctors paint one eye?:x

4.Why must every advert Start with a loud scream?:]Y

5.Why must every juju part be represented by lightening n thunder under the bright sunlight?:/

6.Why do Nigerian movies always have part one to five?:]xx

7.How can Segun Arinze be Ramsey Noah’s dad… Any resemblance?:s

8.Why will a blind mother say, “I’m happy to see you my son”?=D

9.Why is Jim Iyke always coming back from America n speaking with a fake British accent?8-|

When will Pastor Ajidara stop being a fake pastor?/:)

11.Why is it that the characters die or run mad immediately after deir confessions?>:O

12.Epic Village Movie Set in the 90s still finds Mercy Johnson with Brazilian hair,:$

13.Hw can N2bn fit into a small Ghana-Must-Go bag?=)] wait let me call central bank=))

14.Must all hired assassins be found in uncompleted or abandoned buildings? ‘Na dem papa house?:p

15.Why must a film have Part 1,2, 3; Return of The Film 1,2 n 3; n The Same Film ‘Reloaded’ 1,2 n 3? WHY!?#:-s

16.Will a Yoruba movie ever be complete without a visit to the ‘Baba’?:]x

17.Study!, 9 out of 10 times Olu Jacobs dies of heart attack in Nollywood movies,why?:O

18“15 years ago” n Ini Edo calls her Boyfriend with a Bold 5..=DHow is this possible?:]Y 😡

19.Why will d parents call their child 3 times nd ask him/her how many times did I call you? ‘Dem no sabi count?’*nerd*

20.When poor people goes to Lagos to struggle in Nigerian movies dey always make it,if na so why poor people still full Lagos?:>

21.Why is it dat Ogogo is always innocent but must be a victim of circumstances?:&

22. Why is it that translations in most Yoruba films are always in direct translation? e.g ..”Ta lo fun e loyun yi”…”Who gave you this pregnant?X_X Hahah oº°˚˚°º =))

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)



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