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Lagos seals off, reopens 1004 Flats

Lagos seals off, reopens 1004 Flats


FOR failing to pay the statutory land use charge, the Lagos State Government on Monday sealed off the imposing high-rise building in Victoria Island, popularly called 1004 Flats.

Though the estate was re-opened not too long after, it caused anxiety among the residents, as occupants and visitors to the estate were unable to drive into and through the complex.

Confirming the development, an official of the Lagos State Government, office of Land Use Charge (LUC), said the step was meant to send signal to all defaulters, adding that not only 1004 Flats was affected as three others within the Victoria Island corridor were also sealed-off.

But, the Managing Director, 1004 Limited, Mr. Samuel Ukpong, said agreement was reached with government officials on the land use charge issue, which led to the reopening of the exit gate that was earlier sealed off.

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