Home Interviews ShowDemCamp: Music is our way of speaking directly to people (@showdemcamp)
ShowDemCamp: Music is our way of speaking directly to people (@showdemcamp)

ShowDemCamp: Music is our way of speaking directly to people (@showdemcamp)


Ngtrends’ Exclusive Interview with Tec of the duo ShowDemCamp where he revealed to us that Music is his way of speaking directly to people directly. Xclusive interview after the cut………………….. Enjoy!

Ayex: Good To have you on the interview section of Ngtrends.com this week Tec. How is the day going?

SDC/Tec: Cool…..The day is blessed bro…in the studio at the moment so staying out of the heat

Ayex: Lemme go straight to the point.. What influenced your debut album (Dreamer Project)

SDC/Tec: The dreamer project was us trying to create an album that resonates with a certain section of our generation
The people who have decided to pursue their dreams and not follow the conventional routes open to us. People following their passions
It was our way of speaking directly to these people…letting them know we are the same …and the overall theme is to aim higher and be the best u can be at whatever u do

Ayex: Havin 2face, Nneka, M.I, Lynxx, Eva, A1 is no easy job in d music industry dis days with evryone schedules and all. Hw did you guys manage 2 get all these people on one album

SDC/Tec: To be honest, most of the people who featured on the album are people we are close to in the industry…people who didn’t necessarily start off with all the success…but had a dream and pursued it. 2face and Nneka are people who are taking their dreams global yet always show love and support to upcoming acts and to our movement..lynxx is like family..we’ve been on his tour and vice versa..so we ride for him regardless…and others like eva,efya, bad man floss and A1 is about us finding fresh new sounds and merging it with ours.. Similar to farabale with mayd before he became a household name

Ayex: Noticed in the album that where ghost wuz strong Tec was weak n where Tec was strong ghost was weak. You guys obviously complement eachoda, where n how did u guys meet

SDC/Tec: Lol I’d like to think we were both strong on pretty much every track…but I get what u mean on we compliment each other…there are definitely some tracks where people prefer ghost or vice versa.. We’ve been friends since childhood…but only reconnected at university in the uk were we had to battle each other for the title of best rapper at the university

Ayex: with your delivery, creativity, one has 2 wonder what ur main influences is music wise

SDC/Tec: Man to be honest its reality, day to day, experiences, growing, learning…the society we live in (Nigeria) plays a big part cos we see things everyday that amaze us and we try and translate that into songs

Ayex: Havin worked with styles p on a recent track, what oda international collaborations do you wish 2 work with?

SDC/Tec: Rap wise people like Kendrick Lamar, J.cole…Rick Ross, Meek Mill Wale are spittin so it would be good to test ourselves to that level as well as legends like nas, eminem and vocalists people like damien marley, miguel, the weeknd, lauryn Hill (still)

Ayex: who do you tink is making d best hip hop production in d music industry right now?

SDC/Tec: On these shores, people like Sarz, Ikon and Jay Sleek are the go-to guys for hip hop as well as a dude spankie who we’re currently working with a lot. Other guys like E-kelly, DJ Klem TY Mix and Dr Frabz are people we’d like to work with in the future
Mi’s also a dope producer funny enough

Ayex: How do u see d hip hop industry in general tite nw n on 5 years?

SDC/Tec: The hip hop industry is growing with a lot of fresh new voices…and that’s promising in a country that doesn’t necessarily accept hip hop on a widespread level. Artists like MI, Naeto and Ice Prince are accepted for what they do yet even they have had to make certain compromises from the sound they had when they first started to make the music more accessible

Ayex: This may be a little out of context, but it just popped into my mind right now.. Tell us about you first day on stage, how was it like?

SDC/Tec: Mehn!! First time on stage was a loong time ago. It was at University…I was a nervous wreck…kept praying I didn’t forget my lines or didn’t mess up. In the end an egbon gave me a couple shots of straight whisky to get me in the right zone lol…funny thing is I was sceptical but somehow it worked and the show went well

Ayex: if you had d power,what would like 2 change in d nigerian music industry 2day

SDC/Tec: Many things, like artists getting more royalties, publishing generating the most revenue from their album sales
Would be the main things as these would mean you’re getting back a lot more as an artist and I think ultimately more quality/creativity will show as people would feel more confident in taking risks and innovating

Ayex: Last words to your fans and upcoming acts in the country?

SDC/Tec: Yeah…2 our fans…thanks for supporting the real…Lookout for new music from us. That clone wars 2…the Ogidiga Video and a lot more. And for upcoming acts stay real and find your own voice. Success will surely come
SDC bang bang all day

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