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Interview: Exclusive Interview With Lil’Miss

Interview: Exclusive Interview With Lil’Miss


Ayex: Good Morning Lil Miss, how you doing good?

Lil Miss: Morning, I’m well Thanks and you?

Ayex: I’m fine thank you.. Just for the record, some people are calling you Lil Miss X and some Lil miss, how is it you spell your stage name?

Lil’Miss: Its spelled Lil’Miss

Ayex: When and why did you start doing music?

Lil’Miss: My career kicked off in 2010
It wasn’t something i initially planned
It just happened
music found me, so i embraced it

Ayex: “It just happened” what did you mean really by that….. Can you throw more light please?

Lil’miss:  Mid 2010, i auditioned for a role on a TV programme called “Tunnel Vision”. Tunnel vision never happened, but my career kicked off as i met my mentor jjc, who thought there was more to m
Within a twinkle of an eye, i was in the studio recording, and a viral was shot.
The song got put out with over 50,000 views
Later, i got signed to Bigboyz ent and life as “Lil’Miss” started

Ayex: Interesting… What is the genre of Lil’Miss music?

Lil’Miss: My genre of music can’t be defined! Music is an expression, and you never can tell how you’ll keep feeling for the rest of your life! Today i might decide to sing rnb, tomorrow rap, the day after something else…

Ayex: Tell us a little about your educational and family background, family;Is your family musical?

Lil’Miss: My primary studies was in Nigeria, before my family relocated to the UK where my secondary education took place, and now university.
I come from a family of 4, 2 boys and 2 girls. I’m the last of all
Everyone in my family sings, but i guess I’m the only one who has actually decided to do something with my voice

Ayex: Its a general believe in Nigeria that last children are always spoilt, hope you aint one em’? 🙂 you didn’t tell us the name of your current institution (University)??

Lil’Miss: Looool ermmmmm if getting what i want is being spoilt, then i guess I’m slightly spoilt but i don’t take advantage of it! I’m certain I’ve outgrown it… I’m @ the university of Plymouth

Ayex: I have listened to your single “Leave Me Alone” recently and I can tell you its madt dope!… Did you write that? Are you a writer?

Lil’Miss: Thank you 🙂 and yes leave me alone was co-written by myself and jjc… I’m a writer, but there’s room for improvement

Ayex: What are the things that inspire you when you write?

Lil’Miss: Life, the people around me, the things happening in my life, my family, in my environment everywhere and everyone

Ayex: The single with JJC , how did you come about that? We want to know.

Lil’Miss: Which of the singles? I’ve got 2

Ayex: Really? Tell us about it all

Lil’Miss:  Loool well I’ve got EREN – Erase, Replace, Embrace, New Face
It was the very first song i ever recorded
It was produced by puffy t,  Download Amr

Ayex: Any albums yet???

Lil’Miss: Working on it. By next year i should have one ready

Ayex: What n when should we b expectin
Something from Lil’Miss?

Lil’Miss:  Download Amr

Ayex: If you hadn’t been a musician what would you have ventured into

Lil’Miss:  Download Amr

Ayex: Any last words from Lil’Miss??

Lil’Miss: Download Amr

Ayex: Thanx for hanging out with Ngtrends this beautiful Tuesday morning Lil’Miss… Do have a wonderful day.

Lil’Miss: my pleasure! And you too





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