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I Used Juju To Marry My Wife, Now She’s Barren How Do I Tell Her

I Used Juju To Marry My Wife, Now She’s Barren How Do I Tell Her


Its hard for anyone to imagine the situation in which I find myself and what is even harder is what to do to get myself out of this dilemma.
When i met my wife she was (she still is) a most wonderful looking lady, with a nice figure, endowments in the right proportions and a bright complexion, it was hard too take my eyes and my thought off her and it was even harder to get her to like me, she was a working class lady, independent enough to take care of herself, i was working as well with a good enough a job and was getting a very splendid pay and other props that went with being a big boy, but the flip side of the whole thing was my looks.
I was (i still am) on the very short of side of height and in looks, i am what you can call Baba Iyabo’s younger brother (no offence), so it was almost a case of beauty and the beast, so from the on set she made it clear she could not date me not to talk of marrying me but in all these she was never rude to me, she’s a
most wonderfully behaved woman, but I was smitten by her beauty that her response to me affected me so much i was nearing a point of mental collapse.
A bosom friend of mine seeing the emotional fix i was in suggested a baba to me, that would give me a charm that i could use in making her fall in love with and the told me after i asked over and over again if the charm did not have a my side effect which he said it did not have, i was able to use the charm on her by putting it on one of the very many gift items I bought for her, she never rejected my gifts even though she said she could not marry, this very action of her was what gave me hope until i ended up using the option of charm. The dilemma now is this, ten years after our marriage, she has been unable to conceive, and from what i found out what i was told is that the cause is the charm i used to marry her, that the only way the thing can break is if i tell her the truth about how I got to marry me, which if i do the charm will clear off and she will be able to conceive but may hate me all over agin when she realises who she really married.
So please i need people to please advice me on what to do, i am dying inside and close to committing suicide

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