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How To Cheat On Your Partner Successfully

How To Cheat On Your Partner Successfully

Don’t you just get tired of your partner sometimes, and just want to explore more excitement in your life?! “Same old, same old!” But be careful! Do not cheat with someone who he/she might know, a co-worker’s or a classmate(‘s friend).
1.If you live with your partner it’s going to be a little harder. Your partner is always snooping in your cell phone, so try changing your new lovers’ name to your best buddy’s name and a dot at the end( ex. John. ), this way you will remember who it is and your partner might just ignore it. Text or call only when he/she’s not around.
2.Never bring he/she at your house, no matter what, make excuses, like – you live with your roommates, or one of your siblings and that is really messy at your place. Your new lover might visit you uninvited. Ask if it’s ok to hang out at her/his place, or in the park, mall, somewhere.

3.Act like nothing is happening, be nice to your partner, buy her flowers, show him/her that you really care about your partner, tell him/her you love them (If you really want to cheat).

4.Try not to make too many excuses to your partner, too many might catch his/her attention. Make excuses like, I’m playing Halo with my friends, playing sports, or you’re going out drinking with your friends. But don’t worry, you can make as many excuses as you want to your new lover- you have nothing to lose anyhow.

5.Do not spend too much money with your new lover! Again, it gives your partner a red flag. If you do spend some, withdraw money from your bank and use cash; tell your partner you needed cash to get some food at work or paid your friend some money that you owed. Don’t pay with your credit/debit card, he/she might be able to see in your bank statement, that you were dining at a restaurant.

6.If you met your new lover on a website, you better look on your left side of the screen, click on the first star you see, it’ll come up as favorites, click on your history and delete the link from the dating website everytime you visit it.

7.Always make sure you know what your saying to your partner or your new lover, and do not appear confused! Make your lies as close to the truth as possible! (ex. Remember that movie we watched last weekend.)

8.If you do get caught, do not admit it! Even if he/she says “I have proof!”, or that they will not care if you at least tell them the truth. Bullsh*t!! She/he will get mad at you and probably break up with you.

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