Home Interviews Exclusive Interview: Euphoric Heritage Record, Zyhnospikes
Exclusive Interview: Euphoric Heritage Record, Zyhnospikes

Exclusive Interview: Euphoric Heritage Record, Zyhnospikes


I introduce to you Euphoric Heritage Record Act; Zyhnospikes…………….


Ayex: Everyone been talkn about Zynospikes here and there, who really is  zyhnospikes? Can we meet you?

Zyhnospikes: Well ill say zyhnospikes is a music artist with a slant towards making a difference with his style

Ayex: How did you come about the name Zyhnospikes?

Zyhnospikes: Zyhno is culled from a Delta Name Ewomazino….in short form its “ZINO” but I find people calling me Fosterzino…so I spelt mine differently and the SPIKES is added to it to indicate that I am “Spikey”. And should should my music is capable of picking your consciousness

Ayex: What kinda genre can you place the type of music you do?

Zyhnospikes: Given the fact my musicis shaped by different genre, I grew up paying attention to it, ill call it Afro Pop.

So it could be R n B or Dancehall ,hip hop or Highlife….it all has an african accent to it

Ayex: With so much attention and hype on the internet and radio stations I know it didn’t just happen, tell us about it.. And when you started doing music?

Zyhnospikes: What makes it different is d unique way at which I convey it regardless of d. Platform

Ayex: What’s the title of your first song and in what year?

Zyhnospikes: Dating back to 2007 when I released. My first single Tittled. My Friend(pepper soup friend) A new kind of sound at that time well blended Techno/Reggea Song with a message based on the fact that people associate with you only when there’s Something substantial to gain…usually money
Well received by the radio and fans cos it was a radio friendly with a vibe to groove to and a strong message to stick to

Ayex: Now lets talk about your latest single Wa gbowo mi Ft Chuddy K, how did you come about this collaboration

Zyhnospikes: First I have to make a S/O to Tillaman,Chuddy K and Akas on the collaboration.
These great artist/colleagues and friends recognized the quality of music that comes out of me plus my personality so they were okay to be recognized with my work and thus humbly agreed to be part of it when I. Made the request which I am so grateful of.

Ayex: Any follow up single coming from Zyhnospikes?

Zyhnspikes: Yes sire…one where U can Feel more of zyhnospikes

Ayex: Good.. Any hinderance to your music career?

Zynhnospikes: None that I know of…just challenges that makes me thicker after I overcome them

Ayex: How can you describe your relationship with Chudy K

Zyhnospikes: Asides being a supportive colleague…He is an individual with a humble personality,highly versatile,Very playfull..(lol) and with a Strong Vocal prowess …he has an edge for making Tunes that Last and rise Still even amongst other Big Tunez circulating …U can see what’s happening with GAGA crazy and the New HIT BRAZILLIAN HAIR
Above all he is my very good friend

Ayex: Who are your role models in Naija music industry?

Zyhnospikes: Well different role models for different roles
For the role of being a go getter against all odds in d recent Past ,ill say its Tillaman.
For the Overall aspect ,ill say Tuface

Ayex: Hmmm. You are right though.. 2 decades’ is a long time
Lest I forget…… Any girl in Zyhnospikes’s life at the moment? If yes tell us abt the lucky lady.

Zyhnospikes: Yeah …I have a a lot of them…matter of fact I am a “Polygamous Friend”. So in dat case All d girls in d world are lucky to have me as their Entertainer….in every Way!!!

Ayex: hahahaha *smiles.. Any S/O to people who’ve been part of your success so far?

Zyhnospikes: S/O to NGtrends for this wonderful audience to reach out to pple all over d world..S/O to my Label and Crew..The EuphoRiC Heritage Records/Euphoric Dynasty..The General,Tillaman,Trigga Mad Tonic,YBRL Media Consultants,Enigma Ent…My Radio pple BeatFM,Cool FM,Wazobia,Raypower,NaijaFM,StarFM,CityFm.,splash Fm,Premiere FM and all other Fantastic Radio station I can’t mention within the scope of this interveiw…
All the DeeJays All over all d bloggers and. Websites who have put me up and the ones yet to.
Lest I forget…my IT team..i-xit.com ,linkhold exuberant,Mtech,spinlet and much more

Ayex: Any last words from Zyhnospikes most especially to your fans out there?

Zyhnospikes: And of course identify with my works wherever it meets them….enjoy ,share and be willing to pay for it…. *smiles
D music no too cost like dat for wetin we dey offer…small token for everlasting enjoyment

Ayex: Nice having this wonderful moment with you. I hope to have you on the Interview section on Ngtrends.com sometimes soon.

Zyhnospikes: Anytime Ayex…the pleasure is mine..


Download Zyhnospikes latest’s single HERE

Follow Zyhnospikes on twitter: @Zyhnospikes

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