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Why 2015 Politics Isn’t For Me Now, By Jonathan

Why 2015 Politics Isn’t For Me Now, By Jonathan


PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan yesterday restated his commitment to good governance as he noted that he was pre-occupied with how to improve the lot of the citizenry and not scheming over the presidential election of 2015.

The President, who highlighted the achievements of his administration, urged politicians to stop distracting him with the politics of the next general election in 2015 as it is still three years away.

Jonathan’s position was disclosed in Lagos at the presentation of a book entitled Sure and Steady Transformation, which documents the numerous achievements of his administration in the first year in office.

The President’s position was made known through his Senior Special Adviser on Research, Documentation and Strategy, Mr. Oronto Douglas.

The president said that his appeal had become necessary given the preponderance of reports and comments on the 2015 election in newspapers and other media.

According to the president, in politics, 24 hours is a long time, and thus wonders why politicians are already talking about 2015 that is three whole years away.

He said: “There seems to be too much politics in Nigeria than governance. In other democracies, politics stops at the end of an election, and governance starts. But in Nigeria, it is the opposite. Politics will not put food on the table of the people. It is governance that will. Let us focus on governance.”

He advised Nigerians not to allow politicians distract them with talk about 2015 election, and focus on a sincere assessment of his administration’s “Transformation Agenda”, which achievements in the last one year are documented in the book, and a website, www.sureandsteadytransformation.gov.ng.

Douglas, and the President’s Senior Special Adviser on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, who was also at the media briefing, noted the Jonathan’s numerous achievements, as highlighted in the 155-page book.

According to Okupe, the Jonathan Administration is one of the most performing governments Nigeria has ever had since independence, and that the president is a very serious and straightforward person.

Insisting that the president keeps his promises, Okupe said the Jonathan administration was transforming all the sectors of the nation, especially the agricultural and electricity sectors.

He said even though most Nigerians had acknowledged a noticeable improvement in electricity supply, with many areas reporting about 12 hours of uninterrupted supply, this would most likely increase to 16 hours by the end of the year, when electricity generation is expected to reach 7,000 megawatts.

He said: “In a very short time, the agricultural sector will be providing about 25 percent in terms of revenue of what oil is currently providing us.”

He described as pedestrian many of the arguments on the state of security in the country, saying that what he knew personally, but could not make public, was reassuring.

“The slowdown in these terror attacks is not a fluke. It is because more and more efforts are being made, using technology, to nip in the bud the activities of the terror agents”, he said.

Okupe said: “Our duty to you is to simply report to you what is going on in government through this compendium Sure and Steady Transformation. We need to allow government to focus on the job. What is happening in the electricity? What is happening in agriculture? What is happening in aviation? Government must report to the people what it is doing. Reporting to the citizens is a major responsibility of government because citizens have the power to define who governs them in a democracy.”

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  1. In the words of the great indian leader MAHATMA GANDHI–“the world has every thing for everyones need but not for everyones greed.”Goodluck Jonathan is trying but he has to make more effort in the aspect of electricity,cos if there is constant electricity 60 percent of Nigerians won’t. Depend on the Government for anything.


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