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Musician Kills Friend, Hides Corpse In Gutter

Musician Kills Friend, Hides Corpse In Gutter


The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 21-year-old recording artiste, Obinna Obodo, for the alleged murder of his friend identified simply as Elijah.

The suspect said he killed his friend during a fight over N50, 000 and then hid his corpse in a drainage in his compound at Orile. However the police said the fight was caused by a piano the deceased sold to the suspect.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, said the suspect also demanded ransom from the boss of the deceased.
She said, “The deceased sold a piano to the suspect (Obodo) and the suspect was not able to pay in full. An argument ensued between the two and Obodo used a stool to hit the deceased on the head and he (Elijah) died instantly. The suspect then tied the corpse and put it in a bag.

“While attempting to dispose of the corpse, the suspect was accosted by someone. The suspect then begged the person not to expose him and promised him the sum of N200,000. Obodo then gave the deceased’s phone to the man and told him to demand a ransom from the deceased’s boss.

“The boss reported to the police at Orile Police Station and the suspects were arrested but later released on bail. However, when Elijah’s corpse started decomposing and smelling, residents alerted the police. The suspects were re-arrested and they confessed.”
Obodo however said he killed his friend mistakenly. He said the deceased gave him N50,000 to keep but he used the money to pay for recording time at a studio. He said it was the deceased that first attacked him.

He said, “I didn’t kill him on purpose. He brought the money to me and told me to keep it for him.  I’m a recording artiste so I used the money to pay for recording time. When Elijah came to my house to collect the money, I told him I didn’t have it. He got angry and picked up a stove and hit me with it. I immediately picked up a stool and hit him with it on the head and he collapsed.

“I got some water and poured it in his face but he didn’t wake up. That was when I knew that he had died. I knew that if I told his family, they would want to kill me so I hid the corpse. However, when I needed more money to promote my album I decided to demand $8,000 as ransom from his boss.

“I was arrested in the process and remained in police custody for three weeks but didn’t confess. After I was granted bail, I went to church to confess my sins. I think it was someone at the church that informed the police which then led to my arrest.”

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