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Interview: Kaycee Records’ Mel D

Interview: Kaycee Records’ Mel D


Ayex: Good Morning Mel D, Howz d day going?
Mel D: Going well

Ayex: What’s Mel D’s real name?
Mel D: Maureen uzorigwe

Ayex: How can you describe the genre of your music?
Mel D: Affro pop + RnB

Ayex: Are you into music full time or you school alongside music or somefin?
Mel D: Am in2 music full time but still do one or 2 tins

Ayex: I have listened to some of your tracks personally, I’m a huge fan. Some people are even calling you the next Tiwa Savage, what do you have to say about that?
Mel D: I mean she’s she and I am me. We are deffrent

Ayex: Good, When did you start music
Mel D: Started fully 2010

Ayex: So far, how many tracks have you done over the years?
Mel D: I have 6 tacks on now

Ayex: Which of em tracks is your best?
Mel D: I tink okay ft muno + carry me go ft rheymo but believe me when I say all d tracks are good dey are all gud

Ayex: Are you signed to any record label at the moment?
Mel D: Yes

Ayex: What is the name
Mel D: Kaycee records

Ayex: What should we be expecting from Mel D in the nearest future?
Mel D: Gud music and more

Ayex: Any plans for Album launch, videos or tour?
Mel D: Yea planin my video now before december d it should be out

Ayex: Video for which of the tracks
Mel D: Carry me go

Ayex: For bookings and enquiries can you give us a link to your manager
Mel D: www.kayceerecords.com

Ayex: Any last words for your fans and Ngtrends.com viewers?
Mel D: Every should expect somthing surprising from me soon cause am working on a lot of stuffs right now

Ayex: Thanks for your time Mel D.
I hope to do this some other time in the future, happy sunday!.
Mel D: Happy sunday

Download Mel D’s latest single featuring Rheymo, titled Carry Me Go below:

Download Here- 4.0mb

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Tank god for mel d .. . Keep it up bro.. . Just waiting for my season to come to pass… Just waiting for my promo copy . . .for a start..


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