Home Entertainment Sports Man United Considers Selling Rooney As He Falls Out Of Love With RVP
Man United Considers Selling Rooney As He Falls Out Of Love With RVP

Man United Considers Selling Rooney As He Falls Out Of Love With RVP


Wayne Rooney

Manchester United Chiefs are prepared to sell Wayne Rooney in a stunning development at Old Trafford.

The Sun says United’s patience has been stretched to the limit by Roo’s behaviour on and off the pitch.

Now the club would consider selling him for £50m if they do not see an improvement.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s programme notes yesterday contained a significant sentence.

After explaining how impressed he had been by new signing Robin van Persie’s desire to play for United, Fergie added: “If I hear a player has fallen out of love with us, and is looking elsewhere I invariably help them out of the door.”

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