Home Jokes Jokes For The Day : My Perios Has Ceased, Praise God
Jokes For The Day : My Perios Has Ceased, Praise God

Jokes For The Day : My Perios Has Ceased, Praise God



During time for testimonies in a church service ,the pastor’s daughter of age 16 stood up & shouted “Praise the Lord” and the Church chorused “Halleluyah” thunderously. And she proceeded, “Since the tender age of 13 I have been experiencing
monthly periods with so much pain but now after a series of bible study & prayer sessions with Brother Ken, our powerful sunday school teacher, my monthly periods have ceased for more than 3 months now.
U can see am even getting fat and prettier. Praise the Lord”
WEALTH is when you buy a 1st class return ticket to the UK just to pick up a dress..(Too much money)

TROUBLE is slapping a soldier in front of quarter guard in a
barracks.. (Other people will tell the story on ur behalf)

FAITH is using the last money on you to buy a wallet.. (Miracle worker)

IRONY is having the Chairman of an Okada Association driving a Range Rover Sports.. (Classic 419)

STUPIDITY is having six cars while living in a rented apartment.. (Lagos mumu)

WISDOM is dating your landlord’s daughter.. (Over sabi)

FOOLISHNESS is taking a N5,000 cab to watch a film of N1,000.. (Mugu! Why not wait for the pirated copy-its just N150)

LOVE is buying suya for your girlfriend and eating only the onions.. (that is true love)
STINGINESS is when you finish reading this and you don’t laugh and share with you friends on Facebook and Twitter!



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