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World Largest Br€ast: Each B00bs Weigh More Than A 4-year-old Child


Annie Hawkins-Turner is used to people being unable to look at her straight in the eye as she boast of the largest natural b00bs in the whole world.

He extra large size 102ZZZ assets weigh nearly 85lbs with each heavier than a 4-year-old child. She now makes a living from her natural endowment- starring in soft-c0re p0rn under the name of Norma Stitz.

Annie Hawkins-Turner originally from Atlanta, Georgia is worldwide know for her raunchy videos and also gets plenty of attention in real person too.

Annie’s sister Vernadine reveals:

When we go out, someone always wants to hook up with Annie!

Her huge b00bs is as a result of a rare medical problem called “gigantomastia” as a result, making her b00bs to grow throughout her life. She started wearing a bra at the age of 10, bullied by other children at school back then and also feels pain and numbness on her shoulder due to her outsize chest she revealed.

She also made it known that she has never considered having her b00bs reduced saying

“Why fix something that’s not broken?”

She will return to screens later this year, appearing US documentary series “Strange S€x”

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