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Scholarship:  NIIT Nigeria Scholarship Exam 2012

Scholarship: NIIT Nigeria Scholarship Exam 2012


Application Deadline

Scholarship Exam Date:

NIIT lunches the 13th NIIT Nigeria scholarship. This is the 1st ever scholarship focused on Employability programs, designed to map real job roles.

These programmes are designed to give you skills that employers are looking for.

++ 13th NIIT NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP is a way to enroll for the all new ‘EMPLOYABILITY PROGRAMS’. Don’t you wish to be a part of NIIT’s 3 new categories of programs

1. Rapid Employability (Job Ready in 99 days) ;

2. Industry Competitiveness (4-6 months program for hi-tech job )

3. Career Builder (2 year program for IT expert).

To find out more visit your nearest NIIT centre or visit http://www.niitnigeria.com NIIT Scholarship tests are very easy general tests
based on your logical reasoning, numerical ability and english. So register Now. Take the NIIT Nigeria scholarship test.

To register for the scholarship exam visit Nearest NIIT centre or log on to http://www.niitnigeria.com/2012/landing_page_2012/.

Their Free Pre-Test Couselling & Gain Knowledg About The New Employability Programs. Visit Any NIIT Centre close to you to register. Hurry Now!

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