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Olu Maintain: Im Not Yet Ready For Marriage


Olumide Adegbulu, aka Olu Maintain is one of Nigeria’s finest music acts on the block, He however has been on the eligible bachelors’ list long enough not to notice that many ripe and eager damsels have been longing to marry him and carry his baby.

The singer’s critics agree that, he has done quite well for himself as a performing artiste. Yet, they wonder why he is reluctant to get married.

Olu Maintain himself has the answer. He says he is still searching for the woman of his dream

“It is every sane man’s dream to marry the woman that will make his life complete, but I’ve not found her yet. Just because others are getting married or making babies outside wedlock does not mean I should also join the bandwagon. Making babies or marriage is not my first priority.

“Right now, I am busy trying to put my music career on an international level and at the same time laying a solid foundation on which to raise a family.”

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