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Mario Balotelli’s Mum Is A Cleaner

Mario Balotelli’s Mum Is A Cleaner


The controversial multi-millionaire Man city football, Mario Balotelli has a job to take care of not less than 10 people in his family but instead he left his biological mum working as a cleaner at an office block.

Rose (Balotelli’s mum), 36 makes a living cleaning at a car leasing company doing evening shifts and she earns £6 per hour.

Rose who gave Mario up for adoption to the wealthy Balotelli a long time ago is reported that she now lives in a house used to shoot movies about people living on dole in council houses. Mario we were told has visited his mum 3 times at her house.

Why is Mario’s mum still working shifts as a cleaner when her biological son is making millions of Naira every week. Hmmmm this is really hard to conclude, could it be that Mario is still mad at his mum for giving him out to the Balotellis? This is a question for Balotelli to answer.

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