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Ladies: How to Look GOOD (easy tips)

Ladies: How to Look GOOD (easy tips)




Take care of your hair.

The right hair is crucial if you want to look good. The condition of your hair is the most important thing. If it’s frizzy or unmanageable, consider a straightener, or getting it relaxed. Damaged or fried ends are begging for a hair cut.

The right style is so important. If you can get to a good stylist, browse through their magazines, and look for models with a similar face shape. You want a style that brings out your strengths, and fits your personality. If you’re a low maintenance girl, be sure to tell your stylist. Your hair needs to fit your lifestyle, or you’ll end up neglecting it, and it won’t look good at all.

Most natural hair colors look dull, especially as we age. You can always opt for a bright dye or highlights. If you want to go lighter, it’s probably best to head to a salon, although going darker can be done at home with the right dye. If you want a more natural approach, consider henna. Likewise, coffee grinds can bring out dark hair.

Remember to work with your skin tone. I’ve seen women with olive complexions go blonde, and it never looks right, while fair skin is great for blonde hair. Don’t be afraid to stand out, but try not to be too loud, either.


Take care of your teeth.

Aside from visiting your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning, you can also whiten your teeth quite easily at home. Crest Whitestrips do an amazing job for the price, and there are many generic brands available. If these are still too expensive, you can try to whiten them yourself using hydrogen peroxide (google this). It’s a small thing, but it really does make the difference in helping you to look good.


Take care of your face.

Take care of your face. If you can afford it, it’s a good idea to get regular facials given by a professional, who will be able to remove white and blackheads and treat acne. However, you can make facial masks at home. Use a good day cream with sunblock to prevent premature aging, and be sure to stay hydrated, avoid smoking, and get enough sleep.

There are blackhead removers, but be sure to keep the area clean afterward, or the blackheads will simply come back. The best thing you can do for your skin to look good is to keep your complexion smooth.


Groom your eyebrows.

Groom your eyebrows! You may have heard that they will grown back thicker, need more upkeep, etc…forget it. They don’t grow back too quickly (every 2 weeks you will want to touch up). You can have them waxed for the easiest results, or else use threading or plucking at home. All you need is a pair of tweezers. Note, it does hurt at first if you’re not used to it, but it gets easier with time.

Don’t overdo it! You don’t want scary “surprise” brows. The shape is important, and you should work with your features to look good. A clean arch is generally best. Get rid of the hair between the browns, and the stray hairs around them, which make a face look harsh and less feminine.


Use makeup.

Sometimes less is more, and this is the case with make up. In my personal opinion, all women can benefit from make up, but it shouldn’t be used to cover flaws…just to emphasize strengths.

Start with a good facial moisturizer, formulated for your skin type. Apply a loose powder for day, or a foundation for evening.

Blush should be dusted lightly over the apples of the cheeks, and fit your skin tone. You may want to opt for a bronzer.

Go gentle on the eyeshadow and eyeliner, or omit them entirely. A coat of mascara, and you’re nearly done (I prefer Maybeline NY brand)!

Lip color is a personal choice. I would recommend a clear gloss or neutral color for day, and a darker color for night. There are many 12-hour lipcolors available, and these DO work, making it easy to look good and gorgeous all day.


Remove body hair.

Leg stubble is not cute. We live in a culture that feels women should be pretty hairless, so when in Rome…do as the Romans do if you want to look good.

If you hate shaving (who doesn’t), consider a wax. You can do this yourself, or get it professionally done for a fairly cheap price. Alternately, if you are blessed with fine hair, you can get it bleached.

The most expensive option is electrolysis, but keep in mind that electrolysis cannot guarantee you’ll be free of regrowth, and the hair may come back with hormonal shifts.


Take care of your skin.

Keep your skin in good condition. A weekly scrub down with a loofa or body brush can bring out a healthy glow. Elbows, knees, and heels should be regularly moisturized with shea butter to keep them soft. Minor fungal infections (brownish spots) do not look good at all, and can be treated with over the counter dandruff shampoo, although you should see your doctor for treatment options.


Get a scent.

Obviously, impeccable hygiene is important, but smelling yummy can also help you to look good by influencing the perception of others. Popular research has hinted that men are attracted to scents that remind them of “home,” like vanilla, pumpkin pie, and cinnamon.

If you’re going to wear perfume, spend the extra money to buy a high quality scent. Many people are sensitive to perfume, and the cheap kind can be abrasive.

Alternatively, scented lotions can provide just the right gentle perfume without being overpowering, plus they last longer than most perfumes and can soften your skin. Body butter from Bath and Body Works or the Body Shop is a good choice if you enjoy fruity or floral scents.


Do your nails.

Your toenails and nails should always be well kept and neat. If you have a busy, hands-on lifestyle, you don’t need a full manicure. Simply keep your nails trimmed and filed, and apply a clear glossy nail hardener regularly. A French manicure is easy to maintain, and can make your hands look good, more youthful, and dainty.

If you can afford a regular manicure or pedicure, and don’t mind the extra work, beautifully groomed nails are a real beauty asset. It’s a way to look good instantly.


Get nice clothes.

In general, avoid “muddy” or dull colors, and opt for crisp bright colors instead. Do a bit of homework on your body type, and buy clothes that emphasize your best features. Never wear items that are too tight, or poorly kept, as these will only leave you looking dowdy.

The right undergarments can make a huge difference. The wonderbra comes in so many different varieties, and it really is a wonder! Similarly, there are water bras which are even more natural. A corset or slimmer like Spanx can make you look 10 pounds slimmer, and toned. These little figure lifts are amazing, and worth the money in your quest to look good.


Don’t forget diet and exercise.

I saved this for the next to last tip, because I’m sure it’s something most of us already know. Obviously, you can’t expect change overnight. But, it is reasonable to expect change in a couple of months. If diets just don’t seem to work for you, try something different! If you’re used to standard low fat, try low carb or detox instead. Break the routine, and try to fine a plan that excites you.

Even if you are happy with your weight, or are already dieting, exercise can make a big difference. You’ll feel more energetic and sexier. Think out of the box. Dance, belly dancing, pole dancing, hula hoops…there are lots of fun (and sexy) options that will help you look good AND feel good.

Flexibility is good no matter what your body type. Consider Hatha yoga, which can be done in a class, or at home with the help of a video or book. It doesn’t take long to get results, and you can start at any fitness level.

Even if the weight won’t come off, looking healthy and fit is looking good! And yes, you can be overweight and fit.


Have confidence.

This is the most important part. If you want to look good, you have to feel good. Think about all the great things you have to offer, aside from appearances. If you can’t, then it means you need to get a few hobbies and get to know your own strengths and talents.

Walk tall. Don’t be intimidated by people. Be proud of who you are. Confidence is sexy, and can make people perceive you as more attractive. Remember, you become what you pretend to be, so pretend you look good!

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