Home Jokes Joke: #GodisWatchingUin3D Part1, Enjoy!
Joke: #GodisWatchingUin3D Part1, Enjoy!

Joke: #GodisWatchingUin3D Part1, Enjoy!


God is Watching U Jokes:
— Your account balance is 2kobo only, n u are
singing aloud “she must chop my money”#GodisWatchingUin3D
— U update ur BBM status with “I love ONLY u boo” and 45 Girls reply privately with “thanks luv” #GodisWatchingUin3D

— 18yrs u’r Dating a bros of 41yrs. Ur pm: “Can’t Wait to see mγ Baby” is dat ur Baby or ur Daddy? #GodisWatchingUin3D

— Ur mum sells stock fish and ur dad exchanges money and u say ur parents work in stock exchange. #GodisWatchingUin3D

— You’re a fisherman and you tell ur neighbours u work offshore #GodisWatchingUin3D

— Your mum sells Palm oil and your dad sells cooking Gas and you tell people your parents are into oil and gas business. #GodisWatchingUin3D

— You go to different church every sunday and stand as a new comer 2 eat meat pie and drink malt. #GodisWatchingUin3D

— U are laying on a mat in ur room, busy battling with mosquitoes and still u update saying ‘weather 4 two’. #GodisWatchingUin3D

— U tweet from a Nokia 3110c and its showing “via Ubersocial for Blackberry. #GodisWatchingUin3D

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


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