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Joke: Blackberry Messenger User Categories

Joke: Blackberry Messenger User Categories


After a long-term research and critical survey, we established the following categories of Blackberry Messenger Users. We
all fall into one or more categories, find yours!.

Categories of BBM Contacts:
1.The cool ones-
They luv fun & are regular broadcasters of nice funny msgs.(y) B)

2.The copy en paste- all they do is rebroadcast old stale stuff

3. On lookers – All they do is check out ur profile, DP, msg or status, save pics of u &that’s d end.
4.Gbegboruns – when these ones check out ur profile,dey start askn jamb questns ‘who be dis?’
‘where u take dis pic?’ Or ‘where did u get dat top, hair shoe, jeans Blah blah blah?

5.D ghosts – These ones never reply, send or change their DP or msg. U need to check their “pulse” once in a while 2confirm if they’re still alive.*nerd*

6. D off &ons – These ones na-
– How far?
– I dey
– K
– Kk
– Kkk
D conversation don end till anoda 6 months 😐

7.D jobless bones| chameleons- These ones dey change Their DP, msg& name every 5 mins.

8. D Lamentators – u can write a book abt them from their msgs…
– dis is my month IJN
– ah God save me from my boss
– I need money to renew my BB ooo
– Traffic is madt on my street..U go con dey wonder if their strt na 3rd Mainland
-I just crossed Oshodi express way
– One of my nails just broke today
– dats my mummy
-mummy no2 etc

9. D lovers- These r d ppl dat won’t let us rest wit their BF or GF pics, status gist, ‘I luv u baby’
‘I miss u’
‘I want u now’
Last night was ‘sweeeeet’ mtscheeew..>:/ if u r so freaked abt each othr u wud be married by now.na dem dey suffer heartbreak pass.

10.Fakes a.k.a liers.com- dem go put wetin dem no be 4status. put gals or guys pics wey no fit date them.display food wey dem not fit chop..them dey badagry but their area code+time na Amsterdam etc =)).
The ones weh vex me pass na d wohwoh.com, u go see their pics fear go catch u :O X_X idon make mistake ask one ‘which animal is this? iwas confused! To make mattr worse them go put sleeping pics!u begin to wonder lik seriously,who sleeps beside them???

Use ya Mind know whr U̶̲̥̅̊ Belong….. 🙂 🙁 🙂

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


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