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Fashion: 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses In The World

Fashion: 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses In The World


Fashion: 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses In The World-

Most people like their sunglasses oversized or retro,tinted or plain!But do u like them Pricey or uber-expensive? In this post, get ready to gape at some of the most expensive

sunglasses to have hit the market. Gold, diamonds, platinum, emeralds, they all figure on this list of the most expensive sunglasses.
The priciest pair of sunnies here will set you back by nearly $400,000. If your bank account is super fat, look at some of the shades,then if not, just read on, and envy the wealthy buyers who can afford these spectacularly expensive sunglasses.

1. Gold And Diamond Dolce & Gabbana Dg2027b By: Dolce and Gabbana
Price: $383,609

Dolce & Gabbana has been catering to affluent clients who love fashion for decades now. The Italian brand prides itself on having its finger on the fashion pulse. It currently holds the record of creating the most expensive sunglasses ever. Priced at $383,609, the Gold and Diamond Dolce & Gabbana Dg2027b is everything that you could ever ask for in a pair of shades,elegant and uber-stylish

2. Emerald Sunglasses By: Shiels Jewelers
Price: $200,000

Emerald Sunglasses goes for the princely sum of $200,000. The princely sum is warranted if you consider the inspiration for this pair of expensive sunglasses. The designers were inspired by Roman emperor Nero, who apparently watched gladiator fights through emerald green stones. The emeralds used in these expensive sunglasses were sourced, shaped, polished and cut over a period of five years.

3. 18-Karat Gold Sport Sunglasses By: CliC Gold
Price: $75,000

CliC Gold’s 18-karat gold Sport Sunglasses ensure that the wearer feels like Midas. Categorized as optical jewelry, this pair of shades creats an ultra-modern streamlined look. The design is cool, with the magnetic connection between the lenses on the front. The sides can be extended and the back is expandable, which makes this a comfortable fit for most wearers. Each of these most expensive
sunglasses have been crafted by hand over nearly 50 hours.

4. Luxuriator Due – Style 23 Sunglasses By: Luxuriator Collection
Price: $65,000

The frames on this pair of expensive sunglasses are crafted out of 18-karat gold.The designers decided to pave set by hand some 132 diamonds on to the gold frame. But there is more. A 2-carat canary accent diamond sits at the end of one lens, adding to the overall sparkle. Adorning the temples are ivory buffalo horn. These expensive sunglasses are truly dedicated to luxury.

5. Bentley Limited Edition Sunglasses In Platinum By: Bentley Motors and Estede
Price: $45,276

These platinum sunglasses were designed to compliment the car company’s flagship model, the Bentley Mulsanne. According to reports, although these made-to-order shades rank among the most expensive sunglasses, sales have been encouraging. If the platinum sunglasses are beyond your budget, check out the yellow, rose or white gold versions that come for a little over $14,000.

6. Parentesi Diamond Sunglasses By: Bvlgari Price: $31,000
The name Bvlgari raises images of high-end luxury. If you are buying Bvlgari, especially their higher-end products, prepare to feel like royalty. Unquestionably, the USP of this pair of shades are the 206 pave set diamonds worth 2.5 carats on the temples. Only ten such units were produced, with each being sold in a Bvlgari gift box, complete with case, cleaning cloth and authenticity certificate.

7. Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses By: Lugano Diamonds
Price: $27,000

California based jewelers Lugano Diamonds tied up with eyewear designer Barton Perreira to create a line of ultra-luxurious sunglasses.Love how the frame is inlaid with brown, yellow and black diamonds?you bet!

8. Cartier Paris Sunglasses By: Cartier
Price: $25,000

Made up of 188 collet diamonds weighing 7.5 carats adorn the round retro frames. The 18-karat gold detailing adds to the overall bling and heightens the effect of what would otherwise have been simple black-framed shades.

9. Ultra Goliath 2 Diamond Edition Sunglasses By: Internally Flawless & Co. (IFANDCO) and Vintage Frames Company
Price: $25,000

This pair of super expensive shades is the result of a collaboration between Ben
Baller of IFANDCO and Corey Shaprio of Vintage Frames. The duo decided to go all out
and design one of the most expensive sunglasses ever made. 2,000 round brilliant-cut
VS quality diamonds were assembled and pave set on to a gold frame. At 65 grams,
this pair of expensive shades lives up to its name “Goliath”.

10. 24-Karat Gold And Platinum Porsche P’8499 By: Porsche Design
Price: $6,670

This beautiful pair of shades from Porsche Design incorporates both platinum and 24-karat gold into its design. The bling quotient does not come from the frames alone, this pair of expensive sunglasses features 24-carat gold mirrored poly carbonate lenses

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  1. i love the article exept for a tiny mistake you guys made,you guys forgot to mention chopard, they currently have the spot of having the most expensive sunglasses in the world,


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