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Relationship Tips: 15 Key This To Note Before Dating An Independent Woman

Seems like everything’s clear about dating. There are two people who like each other and want to try their luck together. However, the conception of femininity rapidly changes in the modern world. We face an increasing number of strong women today. Their images are cultivated by pop culture, their life circumstances push to accrue power. […]

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Relationships and Love Tips: See The 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Guy Over Text

Relationships today are largely done over Whatsapp and chat and it’s pretty darn convenient too. However, no amount of emoticons can ever be a substitute for the real deal. Which is why, there are some things you do not want to be telling a guy over text, just to prevent complications or in some cases, […]


Music Download: Punchline – Hustle Oh!

Fresh off the massive success of his freestyle titled after the Hustle O hashtag and trend, Punchline is gifting the world with a single featuring new school Agege vocalist, Xunny. The country can be frustrating and hard but guys cannot just cross their hand and look. We all need to hustle o! DOWNLOAD HERE   […]