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Do you like news that is a little quirky, departing from the regular and mundane topics and events? At NGTrends, we offer exactly this kind of recent weird news stories. Our collection of weird Nigerian news will leave you bewildered, shocked, and amazed about the eccentricities of humankind!

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Man Rapes Donkey Till It Faints

An unidentified middle aged man was caught having sex with a female donkey(Jennet) somewhere in Zimbabwe. While details pertaining to how he got arrested are yet to be ascertained. However, he was recorded while admitting in a police station how he sexually feasted on the poor Jennet. What even shocked the police officers who can […]

Mexico City Introduces Pen*s Seats In Public Trains In A Bid To Curb Sexual Violence Against Women

According to a survey taken in 2016, it was discovered that Mexico’s capital city is the worst place for verbal and physical harassment on public transit worldwide. The report said that women are subject to threats and sexual harassment on a daily basis on the transport system, and when such incidents are reported to security officials, not enough is […]