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Charly Boy Reportedly Faints At Anti-Buhari Protest

Charly Boy Reportedly Faints At Anti-Buhari Protest


President Muhammadu Buhari prolong stay in London has continued to generate reactions from Nigerians.

Concerned Nigerians, a civil society group and Charly Boy’sOur Mumu Don Do Movement” announced a daily sit-out to demand President Buhari’s immediate return to the country or his resignation on health grounds.

Despite the heavy downpour, the protesters walked to the main entrance of the Aso Rock Presidential Villa on Monday, August 7, 2017.

The protest however witnessed huge resistance on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 – second day of the protest.

“The Police did not only attack us with water cannons, they fired teargas at us. While we were taking pictures, they seized some phones to delete pictures,” Deji Adeyanju, convener of Concerned Nigerians said.

He goes on further: “When we came here in the morning, the Police came and said that we could not continue today again. They said our protest on Monday was successful and was reported all over the world.

“We explained to them our programme which says this protest would continue until President Buhari returns. They insisted that we cannot continue. We proceeded to sit down on the floor and started our activities.

“Before we could say Jack, the Police cars withdrew, then they released the dogs on us, opened the water cannons. Despite withstanding the water, they started firing teargas at us. At that point, the teargas affected (Area) Father and he partially fainted. We had to resuscitate him.

“They teargas hit a photo journalist and Silverbird Television’s cameraman, both were badly injured. We had to disperse.

“We had almost concluded when the Police decided to attack us,” Adeyanju added.

He, however, noted that the daily sit-out would continue despite the resistance from government security agents.

Meanwhile, the Presidency has said that it is disrespectful to ask for President Buhari’s health status.

President Buhari’s aide on social media, Lauretha Onochie stated this during an interview on Channels TV.




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