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Toke Makinwa Reveals How Maje Ayida’s Lawsuit Cost Her Sponsorship Deal

Toke Makinwa Reveals How Maje Ayida’s Lawsuit Cost Her Sponsorship Deal


Popular media personality, Toke Makinwa, says she lost a lucrative sponsorship deal in Ghana when news of her ex-husband, Maje Ayida’s lawsuit hit the media space.
The elegant author wrote a detailed account of how she was so close to getting the deal done before her ‘potential’ pulled out to avoid being dragged into a possible messy lawsuit.

She wrote, “When God is involved, it can never be for less. In my life I have seen him come thru so many times I’ll be selfish if I keep it to myself. I remember when we started the OnBecoming tour, we approached a number of companies for sponsorship and one particular incident left me sooo broken.

“We had been talking back and forth and all was looking exciting till the news of the legal suit hit the press. I remember I was in Ghana and the night before OnBecominginGhana was amazing. I woke up in such high spirit till the news filtered the air and then I got that call, our “potential” had pulled out.
“I read that text over and over again in tears, they pulled out because they didn’t want to be thrown in the middle of it all (who can blame them) boy was I hurt, I was broken”.

She also recalled how she lost a N20 Million naira deal shortly after the news of her marriage crash broke. “I remember when the news of my marriage hit the press I was in the middle of signing a 20million Naira deal, all was good to go till news broke and it seemed like what everyone was talking about.

“They pulled out. It was bad timing.I remember how I held the toilet bowl all night, I have never felt that kind of pain in my life. I have worked hard, prayed hard and God knows I needed that money.
“My life had changed overnight, I was trying to hold on to everything and it seemed like everything was working against me but God came thru, he provided much more than that deal and I have never had to look back to think “if only” I had that money, he kept blessing me” she wrote.

But Toke has recovered from all those disappointments now as she revealed that she has secured a fantastic deal for her next tour which will be in South Africa.
She added, “SA is looking really good, I can’t wait to share who our sponsor for the OnBecominginSA is, they are not just flying me to SA, my entire team is coming to and everything is paid for in full.

“Why do I share this you may ask? Perhaps you woke up this morning feeling defeated, you are about to stop trying, you’re so sure your idea sucks and no one will support you, hold on. You are closer than you know,.
“God has bigger and better plans for you, he knows you’ve cried all night, he knows what this means to you, he will come thru even better.“




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