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Beverly Naya Denies Snapchat Exit Rumours

Beverly Naya Denies Snapchat Exit Rumours


Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya, has denied stories published by several blogs (not GreenNewsNG) that she was quitting Snapchat because of the way people misconstrue her words and use it against her.

The actress was in the news over the weekend when she criticised an Uber driver for sending her an appreciative text which she branded as ‘romantic and inappropriate’. But she suffered a great deal of backlash for her action, with many arguing that there was nothing wrong was the ‘harmless’ text the young man sent to her.

But then, she took to her snap again, explaining that she was only pointing out that the Uber driver was unprofessional when he sent her a text outside the purvew of his job, while stating that she would not air her opinions on the platform again to avoid being misunderstood. “Kinda done with my thoughts and opinbions being misconstrued on blogs for entertainment’s sake. The text message from the Uber driver was inappropriate, not because he was an Uber driver. Get it right, professionalism before anything…THIS APPLIES EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
Compliment or not, the text was inappropriate… my gosh!!! I have said I was flattered and that it was a lovely message… and I gave the guy five stars straight after the service so just relax biko.
However- safety should be more important to all of you!

I left Twitter for a reason, it is now my Snapchat… time to nip that in the bud… NO MORE OPINIONS from me on there… it is clear people are getting confused. Na wa o! It is well. I may be in the public eye but I’m a very private person and I intend to stay that way. Love always.”

She was, however, misunderstood again with blogs swiftly going to press, saying Beverly had quit Snapchat.

She has cleared the air again, however, assuring her fans that she wasn’t going anywhere as she loved her fans too much. “You guys make it worth while. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving Snapchat, love my #NayaLoves toomuch.”





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