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Signs Your Current Relationship Has No Future

Signs Your Current Relationship Has No Future


It’s pretty easy to spot a disheveled relationship; you cannot live a damaged, hurt life. It’s better to let go of a relationship if it brings you more pain than comfort. It might be a difficult decision to take but trust me; it’s going to be all worth it in the end, not only for you but for your partner too.

There are certain things a relationship just cannot function without. Is your relationship worth holding on to? Go through the list and see for your self.



Your partner can’t accept you for who you are

Everyone has positive and negative traits, and a good partner will accept all of your flaws. Your partner doesn’t have to enjoy watching The Real Housewives with you, but they should accept that you enjoy it and leave you to it without judgment. If your partner doesn’t like more important things like the way you dress or your career, it is time for you to leave. Being unable to accept one another for who you are is one of the biggest indicators that the relationship won’t work out.

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