Home Entertainment Gists How I Contracted HIV/AIDS From My Boko Haram Husband – Ex-wife Of Terrorists’ Warlord
How I Contracted HIV/AIDS From My Boko Haram Husband – Ex-wife Of Terrorists’ Warlord

How I Contracted HIV/AIDS From My Boko Haram Husband – Ex-wife Of Terrorists’ Warlord


Fatima Kabir, a 15-year-old girl married to a Boko Haram leader has opeed up on her hor ribble experience. The teenager was forced to sleep with many sect members while held at the group’s Sigil Huda camp in Sambisa forest.

The young girl was arrested alongside a 14-year-old Amina Shua’ibu, her accomplice on Friday, April 14. Operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Borno state made the arrest.

Kabir was discovered to be two months pregnant for a sect member. The insurgent bride revealed she was introduced to the group in 2013 by Ibrahim Fadagana, her brother.

She was married to Nur at some point.

“My brother took us from Maiduguri to Sambisa forest where he introduced us to Abubakar Shekau. Things did not go well at the camp as most of the people did not like Shekau’s brutal treatment of abductees and sect members in the camp. There was a lot of death in the camp. Children died of dehydration and malnutrition.

“So, there was a lot of disagreement between Shekau and Mamman Nur and Nur refused to accept Shekau’s policies. So they broke up. My brother (Fadagana) was a close friend to Mamman Nur, so he stood as my father and got me married to him (Mamman Nur). I was married to him in 2013. I was 12 years old at the period,” she said.

Kabir shared the horrifying experience of her wedding night as she was infected with VVF, she fell sick afterwards but later got well.

“In that same year, 2013, he left me to participate in an arms and military training program in Libya. I couldn’t wait for him, so I immediately got married to Habib, a member from Bauchi State.

“Habib later ran away because he was marked for execution. He was suspected to be an informant for the Nigerian government. So he deserted me and absconded from the camp.

“I later got married again to one Ali Bama. He was not a Commanding Officer. He was just an ordinary member like the others.”

Bama took care of her in the camp; Kabir said life was particularly hard for women in the camp. According to her, men slept with girls at will in the night; only those married are safe.

“He has protected me and provided food for me at our Sagil Huda camp in Sambisa Forest. I am presently carrying his two months pregnancy,” the young girl revealed that a French doctor checked on her when she was sick.

He gave her some medicine and instructed her to take it from time to time. She learnt she was infected with HIV/AIDS. Kabir said Bama also has medicines he takes before she left their base as they both got infected.

The Nigerian Military Joint Task Force (JTF) assault on their camp made her flee from Sagil Huda in Sambisa forest.

“We ran away from Sagil Huda because the army came and stormed our camp and killed many of our members. Right now, my mission is to go and meet my brother Fadagana, he is at Kangarwa with Mamman Nur. I have Mamman Nur’s phone number, I have been communicating with him. My plan is to go and meet him.”

The 15-year-old girl and her accomplice were arrested at the motor park in Maiduguri after the husband of the latter abandoned them there with the false hope of finding them a place to stay in the state capital.





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