Home Entertainment Gists Regina Askia Reacts On Toke Makinwa’s Book, ‘On Becoming’
Regina Askia Reacts On Toke Makinwa’s Book, ‘On Becoming’

Regina Askia Reacts On Toke Makinwa’s Book, ‘On Becoming’



Former beauty queen, actress, and US based medical practitioner, Regina Askia-Williams has dropped a heartwarming reaction on Toke Makinwa’s book entitled, ‘On Becoming’ on her Facebook page. She praised Toke’s courage to open up on the ugly incident that took place in her marriage.

“There is so much brouhaha over a book “On Becoming” by Toke Makinwa, because she apparently told “the truth, unseasoned. I hear somewhere in there she mentions that her hubby gave her an STD. Whaaaaattt!!! How? So what did she do about it? Will that Nigerian secular culture demands play out here? Will she fade into the conspiracy of silence as her life slowly deteriorates? How many wives are suffering same and hiding from the so called eyes of the world?

“Folks are cringing, talking about “it’s not everything that happens that needs a mention”. Lol!! My take is if it happened and you have the courage to share, share it. I hope this book further exposes the downside of our deteriorating family values and motivates us towards changes. The family unit is the only platform we have to take flight .

“If it’s cracked, we start out in life impaired. Whoever this woman is – I salute your courage for owning your truth….

“This is the kind of chutzpah that starts a conversation, that gets folks thinking, that changes hearts and minds, that makes things happen. People!! Go buy that book,” she said.




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