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Trend Alert! The Infinity Pleats Gele.

Trend Alert! The Infinity Pleats Gele.



Hey Divas,

Do you know that if you are not updated, you become outdated?  Like it is said, the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed.

Gele has been in vogue for ages but recently, fashion designers have decided to take it to the next level.   ‘The infinity pleats gele’ is the latest trending gele.

This popular beauty trend has been seen at weddings and parties being rocked by brides and wedding guest as they definitely can’t get enough of this amazing gele trend.  This spectacular head gear has become a song in the mouth of many Nigerians because of the fascinating disposition it gives to our fashionistas.

This ceremonial headgear has gone from the old school way, to the creative rose style even more glam with beads crystals, and pleats. But the Infinity pleats Gele is the new style in town! And this might be the hottest gele trend before the end of 2016.

We’ve seen talented makeup artists and gele designers take things to the next level with the new style. It’s a beautiful trend and most brides and wedding guests are rocking this new infinity pleats gele for their asoebi.

The infinity pleats gele also varies in size, some go for the very large size while some go for the medium size. As a fashion girl, you’d want to be the first to know every nook and cranny of the trend so below are some samples of the infinity pleats gele for your owambe.

See photos of the Almighty fascinating Infinity gele pleats….

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