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Police Kick Off Manhunt For Gays In Sokoto State

Police Kick Off Manhunt For Gays In Sokoto State




Organisers of a gay marriage in Sokoto state are now in big trouble as the Nigeria Police Force has kicked off a manhunt for them.
According to reports in International Business Times (IB Times) quoting the BBC, the police is looking for two people who are accused of having organised a marriage for gays in the city of Sokoto, capital of Sokoto state.
IB Times quoted police spokesperson as telling the BBC that the owner of the house where the alleged ceremony took place has already been arrested.
Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria. Nigerians involved in gay marriage or civil unions face imprisonment for up to 14 years under the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill signed into law by former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan in 2014.
Meanwhile, a man has been discovered to be gay by his wife after being married for 13 years.
#Collins, who was reported to have been living with his wife and two kids in Hurlingam, Nairobi, Kenya had earlier walked out of his marriage due to his sexual escapades with the same sex but went back to his wife out of fear of being ridiculed.
Collins went on to have children in a bid to throw people off on his sexual preference but when the tolerance for gay relationships in Kenya grew, he felt the urge to have a boyfriend which he did.




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