Home News NgTrends Opinion: Why Adeboye’s Marriage Teachings Caused Stir
NgTrends Opinion: Why Adeboye’s Marriage Teachings Caused Stir

NgTrends Opinion: Why Adeboye’s Marriage Teachings Caused Stir


year 2015 prophecy by Pastor Enoch-Adeboye

Recall that it was reported and trended on social media how Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, on Tuesday, August 2nd,  in a message on marriage, stirred a widespread debate on social media, with thousands taking to the Internet to protest or support his positions on the categories of people Christians should not marry.

Daddy G.O, as he is fondly called, urged a congregation of bachelors and spinsters at the convention to avoid marrying certain individuals in order to enjoy their marriages.

The pastor advised bachelors to shun ladies who could not pray ‘non-stop’ for at least an hour. He also advised them against marrying ‘lazy’ women as well as those who could not cook.

He however warned ladies against accepting marriage proposals by “jobless” bachelors. He said those who could not earn incomes should not marry. Speaking, he said….

“Marry a prayer warrior! Don’t marry any girl who cannot pray for one hour non-stop. Don’t marry a girl who is lazy! If she is lazy when she is single, what will happen if she is married?”

Also speaking to ladies, he said

“Don’t marry a man who has no job. Before God gave Adam Eve, he gave him a job. This is the garden, keep it.’ So when anybody comes to you and say, ‘Sister, thus saith the Lord, you are going to be the star in my firmament,’ ask him — ‘What is your job?’

If he tells you he is a contractor, ask him to show you evidence of all the contracts he has done because the contract he is talking about is you. He wants to live off you.

Don’t be a fool. If he hasn’t got a steady income, don’t marry him. A man is to provide for the house and not the other way round. If he has no income, he should not marry. Those who do not work should not eat. And if they can’t eat, they can’t even marry.” 

The tweeter disagreed with the cleric’s position, saying “marriage is really beyond jobs, cooking and prayers”.

A social media activist, Asuquo Ulo, said the teachings were part of unacceptable thinking that characterised the age.

As far as Chinye Onwordi, a Twitter user, is concerned, Adeboye’s advice had solved a persisting puzzle on the social media.

“Whether Nigerian ladies agree to cook when they marry or not, Adeboye has spoken the truth nobody should shy away from,” he tweeted.

However, It is often said that experience is the best teacher. Love is blind but marriage has the tendency to open the blinded eyes.

Apparently, praying and cooking may not be the only ingredient or yardstick for marriage, but the man of God has spoken from a spiritual perspective and as a real African.

In Africa, it is believed that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. An average African lady should know how to cook.

Moreover, what he said is a necessity. Although, It is different strokes for different folks. But people should learn to respect the  authority and grace on  a man of God’s life. He has spoken as he was led to, so you either take it or leave it, instead of attacking what he said.

However, any matured and genuine child of God in a marriageable age, who see this message worthwhile and knows she cannot cook or pray, should start practicing now, it is not too late.

On the other hand, brothers who need to marry and have nothing doing, should go and secure a job no matter how little the salary may be.

Churches also should not be left out, they should look out for ways to curb unemployment among youths in the church and the country at large. By so doing, the message will be balanced and we would all enjoy our marriages. See you at the top.




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