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Dunamis Church: I Do Not Need The Neck Collar  Again – Woman Rejoices

Dunamis Church: I Do Not Need The Neck Collar Again – Woman Rejoices


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The International Ministers Flaming Fire conference which began at Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Area1, Garki Abuja, today, August 23, recorded mind blowing testimonies.

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Coupled with the usual Healing and Deliverance service which holds by 9;30 every Tuesday, It was a most amazing moment as the presence of God saturated the arena.

During the heated worship, the atmosphere was already drenched and charged with the presence of God, as  songs of worship  which were spiritually received by the senior pastor were being used to glorify God.

The man of God instructed that at the shout of Glory!!!, Miracles would take place and live things, animal, human beings living inside people would be checking out.

This was how cervical spongelosis was arrested on the spot.

Sis Anne was reported to have used a neck collar for 2years, yet, she was not able to comfortably move the neck as the neck appeared very stiff.

It was gathered by our correspondent, that Sis Anne who came for an official assignment in Abuja and was invited to Dunamis Church by a colleague in the office, decided to yield to the invitation in anticipation for what God can do.

While in the service, as the man of God, The senior pastor, Dunamis International Gospel Centre was ministering, the power of God touched her and the cervical spongelosis disappeared.

She rushed to the front of the church with so much jubilation and ecstasy where her healing was confirmed.

While the man of God established the healing, a man rushed forward with jubilation and shock on his face.

He said “I know this woman, she is presently lodging in our hotel, I am the one who checked her in, i saw her. She couldn’t move her neck at all.”

Having heard that, the man of God asked the woman to do all she couldn’t do before and indeed the stiffed neck had been made free to the glory of God.

Another sister booked for lump surgery, reported that the lump had melted via the declaration of the man of God.

A man reportedly testified that a live vulture walked out of him.

See photos of the the program below….


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The program comprises of people from all over the world and already, it has recorded participants from Kenya, America, UK, to mention but a few.

This is just day one. If you are in Abuja, be a part of it or connect on Dunamis T.V.

You can also connect by login on to WWW.dunamistv.com and watch live.

Morning session 9 am and evenings 5pm respectively, August 23 – 25th.




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