Home News Weird News Dunamis Church: Strange Mark Appears On My Head And Kills Things – Woman Confesses
Dunamis Church: Strange Mark Appears On My Head And Kills Things – Woman Confesses

Dunamis Church: Strange Mark Appears On My Head And Kills Things – Woman Confesses


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Strange but true…

The Healing and Deliverance service usually held on Tuesdays at Dunamis International Gospel Centre Area1, Garki, Abuja took another shape today August 16th, as woman confessed how a strange mark appears on her forehead and kills things around her.

Dr. Paul Enenche is a trained Medical Doctor with his beautiful wife, Dr. Mrs Becky Enenche, who is also a medical doctor. Both abandoned their profession and certificates to do the work of God  full time, with the vision to restore human lives and destinies.

At the Healing and Deliverance service on Tuesday August 16th, as the man of God prayed and rebuked devils attacking the lives of people.

He emphasised by prophecy that God was delivering people and that they shall have  encounters to butress and confirm their deliverance”. 

The woman whose name could not be gotten at the time of filing this report, fell under power and was brought to the altar where she confirmed her deliverance.

Dr. Paul Enenche

The victim was said to have attempted to commit suicide on Monday August 15th, before a neigbour encouraged her to follow her to church for the healing and deliverance service today August 16, that everything would be fine.

Speaking, she  said…

I have been plagued with a mark which appears on my forehead and whenever the mark appears, anything around me dies”. She said in tears…

“The mark one day, appear for my head, and  orange wey dem gather near me, scatter. And all of them clear! She continued in tears.

I go  learn tailoring, when it was time for me to begin my own, the  strange mark appear again and everything i learn disappear, i nor even fit use scissors talk more of sewing,” The woman said crying aloud…. This time around rolling on the floor.

I see say nothing dey work, i come decide to go into pepper  farming business. The mark appear again and all the pepper i bought on credit died”. Feeling accursed, suicide became an option until today.

As the word of prophecy came, she had an encounter. She reportedly saw a man with white handkerchief, wiping her for head. That was her deliverance.

The victim also said she reportedly had a dream where the same mark appeared on her daughter’s  head and in the morning, the daughter fell and had a mark at the same spot on her fore head.

The daughter who was reportedly a front liner in her class started coming low and she had no money to further send the daughter to school as nothing appears working.

“Even my daughter, i see her for dream, the mark appear for her head and for morning, she fall and the mark appeared physically. She    used to carry  first in class before, but now she dey come last”.  No money to take train her for school. She said…..

To  God be the praise, her deliverance was perfected. And the man of God who is not just  the speaker of the word is also a practical philanthropist exhibited the character of God.

He has asked the ministers to find out details about the woman’s debts and apparently, that have been taken care of, and the daughter has been placed on scholarship by the church to continue her education.

The power of God is real. In such a time of uncertainty in Nigeria, God has the answers to our problems.

The Man of God at the end of the sermon, called for surrender and if you are willing to do so now, feel free and the Lord is gladly waiting with his arms wide opened to welcome you.

See photos of the miracle below…





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