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DPFaces: Nigeria’s First Student Social Network

DPFaces: Nigeria’s First Student Social Network



DPFaces.com is a platform for all Nigerian Students, to make friends, share ideas, dreams and have fun.

What Makes DPFaces Unique, you can;

> Search Friends, Add/Follow people, Chat, Update status, upload your photos, create poll, etc,

> Create Blogs,

> Create Forum Topics,

> Get Updated With News, Recent Happenings/more

> Create Events,

> Sell Your Items,

> Watch and Share Videos

> Share your musics, files, docs,

> Create Pages/Groups,

> Play online games,

> Advertise For Free,

> Create Resume/CV Online

> Design your profile and lots more.

This is a vibrant and user friendly entertainment network where you connect with individuals.

Need an online community to share your thoughts, minds, ideas, tutorials, etc…????

Need a place to buy and sell your items faster?

Do you have courses giving you a hard time, or a research work, or you have passion to share knowledge?

Sick of not knowing other students from other schools? Getting fed up with starting a stressful interaction with other students even when they are not from your school.

Thinking of what the future holds?  Are you thinking of how you’re going to get a connection in securing a job in the future? Wanting to know people, students, lecturers, who also know people who know other people?

Were you newly admitted into a school? We all know that meeting other Nigerian students from other schools could be very tough, even as a fresher.

Are you an introvert? Most introverts find it hard to walk up to people, and make new friends. But can be very bold when they don’t have to say hi in person but through another mean; chat, sms, calls.

There are thousands of users just like you, who are willing to have the best experience with you, willing to meet someone with your kind of personality and wanting to be heard, creating connection, future security and lots more.

It is completely free to join DPFaces, with the privilege to add your photos, chat, sell/buy, create blog/forum posts, create your own page, groups, blogs, games, follow/add people, etc. It costs nothing to send a wink, so you can start contacting the people that you fancy straight away, and search by location to find other Nigerian students in any location. As a member you can also use more advanced search options.

Our aim is to help every Nigerian student have a better academic performance, create easy opportunities, make it easier for people to find each other, have fun, and get to know someone better before meeting them in person.

Since you’re meeting people nearby, we might be saving you a car ride, which in turn is good for the environment, so maybe in our own little way we are saving the planet.

Life is short, you are busy and people are having fun without you right now. So join DPFaces and find your party, anytime, anywhere.

How to join? Simply register on DPFaces.com Today and start meeting people straight away.



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