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Doctor Arrested For Killing Six And Burying Bodies

Doctor Arrested For Killing Six And Burying Bodies



Police have arrested a doctor in western India for allegedly injecting six people with a lethal overdose and burying most of the bodies at his farmhouse, an officer said Tuesday August 16th.

Santosh Pol, dubbed “Doctor Death” by local media, was reportedly arrested in a town in Maharashtra state last week during a police investigation into the disappearance of one of his victims.

Police Inspector Padmakar Ghanvat reportedly spoke.

“He confessed to killing around six people including five women and one man. We have recovered four bodies from his farmhouse and one from (outside) his (town) residence,” 

He has been constantly changing his statements during interrogations, which makes it difficult for us to understand his motives,”

All of the alleged victims went missing in the picturesque town of Wai, 230 kilometres (143 miles) south of Mumbai, in recent years. But little is known of their connection to the doctor.

Television footage showed police leading Pol around his farm, while other officers operated mechanical diggers as curious villagers watched.

Police have also taken Pol’s nurse into custody on suspicion of helping him carry out some of the killings, officers have been quoted by local media as saying.

Reportedly, Pol had allegedly killed his latest victim with a lethal overdose of an unknown drug after she threatened to expose his previous murders. Last year police arrested an Indian doctor accused of trying to set a patient’s body on fire after he died during treatment.

Earlier this month Indian police arrested the head of an upmarket hospital in Mumbai and four doctors on suspicion of organ trafficking.




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