Home News NgTrends Opinion – Sexual Harassment: DELSU Sacks Six Lecturers. Who Is To Blame?
NgTrends Opinion – Sexual Harassment: DELSU Sacks Six Lecturers. Who Is To Blame?

NgTrends Opinion – Sexual Harassment: DELSU Sacks Six Lecturers. Who Is To Blame?


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Recall that it was earlier reported that the University Governing Council at 97th regular meeting held on Friday, August 12, 2016, affirmed their sack after a disciplinary committee set up to investigate the allegations against them recommended their dismissal having found them culpable.

It was reported that the Investigations proved that the sacked lecturers were also involved in financial extortion for marks, leaking of examination questions and other corrupt offences.

While six were dismissed, four others were demoted and received various degrees of query for their gross misconducts.

The Public Relations Officer of DELSU, Eddy Agbure, reportedly confirmed the development.

Who is to blame? Such incidents always have un answered question attached. Who truly is to be blamed?

Apparently, the University system is corrupt but for the fact that most are, does not mean there are no sincere ones.

But this question has to be answered, perhaps it can bring solution to this mess. Who is to blame?

Is it the provocative dress styles of students or Laziness on their part, who for quest for higher marks condescend low to giving their bodies cheaply to these old pot bellied lecturers, who later begins to harrass them for more? Or…..

The lecturers who will not respect their old age and the marital vows they took on the altar with their wives on that faithful wedding day?

Or is it the Government who is not paying well or living an examplary corrupt free life?

Well, like they say, everyday for the thief, one day for the owner. And i beleive life is a seed and whatsoever a sows, he reaps.

As a student, If you think sleeping with every Tom Dick and Harry is a guarantee for your success in life, you a big liar because What is esteemed too cheaply is not valued.

For the lecturers, whatever you wish that they do to your children, do it to other people’s children. If you wouldn’t appreciate anyone harrasing your child, dont do it to another person’s child.

Young girls on campus, study hard. Dress the way you would be addressed because, what you wear defines you. And there is no second time to make a first impression.




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