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Teacher Caught Sexually Abusing A Pupil In Sango Ota

Teacher Caught Sexually Abusing A Pupil In Sango Ota


A private school teacher Matthew Sodeke by name, have been arrested by the State Police Command, for allegedly abusing a pupil in Igbala community area  in Sango Ota, Ogun state.

The suspect who was an English Language teacher in the school, was reportedly caught by a parent who apparently came to pick his child in the school sucking the private parts of a male pupil.

The teacher had reportedly called the 16 year old boy Ajala by name, into his office after school hours and asked him to remove his trousers, after which he allegedly began to suck his private parts.

A parent whose name is withheld, who came to check his son in school, caught the teacher in the very act and raised an alarm. The matter was however reported at the Sango Police Division, and Sodeke was arrested.

An eyewitness Shokoya by name who reportedly witnessed the incident, said “The teacher was beaten up by a mob before he was taken to the police station.“The teacher was caught red handed while molesting the child so he could not deny it because he was caught in the act. After a parent had raised the alarm, other parents and youths descended on the teacher and beat him to a pulp. He was thereafter handed over to the police at the Sango division”, she said.

The pupil when interviewed, confessed that it was not the first time the teacher would molest him. He said the teacher warned him not to disclose the act to anyone.

Mr. Sodeke on the other hand, confessed that he was formerly living with his brother, a pastor, who later sent him out after being caught sucking a neighbour’s private parts.

Sodeke, who reportedly confessed to the crime, had been transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Eleweran, Abeokuta, for further investigation.

SP Muyiwa Adejobi, the state Police Public Relations Officer, who apparently confirmed the incident, added that the suspect had been charged to court. He said,

 “It is a case of indecent assault. The English Language teacher, Sodeke, called the victim to one of the offices and asked him to remove his trousers. He then put Ajala’s private parts in his mouth. Based on this report, detectives from the Sango division arrested the culprit and brought him to the station for interrogation. He confessed to the crime. The matter was transferred to the SDCI, Abeokuta, as directed by the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Abdulmajid Ali. So, the teacher has been charged to court, apparently in prison custody.” he said.




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