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My Take On The Recent Banning of “Street Hawking”- Wale Giwa

My Take On The Recent Banning of “Street Hawking”- Wale Giwa


“Dear all,  The Lagos State Governor has gone on air (TV-C) this morning  to announce that the laws on Street Trading in Lagos State will be strictly enforced from today, July 1, 2016..


Both Seller and Buyer are equally guilty and the penalty is #90,000 or 6 months imprisonment or both. Please note and abstain from buying from Street Hawkers.”

No doubt, the above piece is no longer a news. Most intellectuals have had a deep reflection on the subject, and have spontaneously brought their ideas to bare. Here is my take on the subject:

Honestly, street hawking is a very dangerous exercise, not to even imagine its hazardous consequences. Most people have lost their lives, based on this enterprise. As such, it is only logical for Govt to eradicate this “menace in disguise”. For me, eradicating street hawking is very possible, and will be a viable idea by the Govt. But the question is, now that these people have been deprived of their means of making both ends means, how can the Govt help them? What can the Govt do to make both ends meet for these people again?

On this note, my proposed panacea to this “illness”, is for Govt to provide alternatives like the “Tejuosho Ultra Modern Market”, for these people. Yes, the Govt has already done this, but the mistake I sense here is the outrageous price of shops in this Ultra Modern market. This is because owning a shop in this ultra modern market, has become difficult for the ordinary people.
Truly, if the Govt wants to eradicate Street hawking, then it should also be ready to provide the affected people with an alternative.

Hence, the alternative i see here is building more affordable market structures and also reducing the price of shops at the “Tejuosho Ultra Modern market”.

Thank you.
Yourz faithfully
Wale Giwa



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