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Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike Takes Divorce Case To High Court

Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike Takes Divorce Case To High Court



Nollywood actor Emeka Ike is not willing to let go of his wife, Emma Ike without a fight. The Nollywood actor has reportedly moved his divorce case to a High court in a bid to contest his wife’s request for a divorce from him.


According to The Nation, popular, Emeka Ike has informed a Lagos Island Customary Court that he had filed an application before a High Court restraining the lower court from hearing the divorce suit filed by his estranged wife, Emma.


Emma approached the court in 2015, bent on seeing the dissolution of her 16-year-old marriage over claims of domestic violence. The allegation which the actor had continuously denied, and begged the court not to separate them, saying “I still love my wife”



Ike’s defence lawyer, Mr Abdul Labi-Lawal, reportedly informed the court that his client has filed a stay of proceedings before a High Court in Lagos. It was reported that the application sought the declaration of the High Court that the Lagos Island Customary Court lacked requisite jurisdiction to entertain and determine Ike’s divorce suit, noting that the marriage between the since estranged couple was conducted in Enugu State under the Igbo customs and traditions. Ike went on to ask the High Court to declare all the proceedings already conducted by the Lagos Island Customary Court in respect of couple’s marriage, null and void.


Opposing the application, Emma’s lawyer, Mr Iheanyi Awa urged the court to discontinue the stay of application and deliver judgment.


“It is an attempt to arrest the judgment of the court, I am aware that the respondent wants to arrest the judgment which is to be delivered today. The stay of proceedings has been decided for a long time and court has ruled that it has jurisdiction to entertain the matter. It is a ploy to frustrate my client, they just want to delay the judgment till another day. The court should give its judgment and if they are not satisfied, they can appeal,” he said.







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